It is often accepted that women have a small contribution to the EDM industry. Is that really true?

Women in the Electronic Dance Music scene

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Presumably, you haven’t heard of many female djs or producers and that’s because factually there are not many. There are bright and numerous examples, of course, such as The Black Madonna, Rezz, Alison Wonderland, NERVO, Juicy M, Eva Shaw, Monika Kruse, Krewella and so on and so forth. Yet these still are a minority in the greater male-dominated EDM scene.

However, jumping into the biased assumption that the role of women in the scene is petty and with little or no contribution is wrong.Women have plenty of underlying roles in the industry such as label/artist/festival managers, booking operators, festival organizers, a&r’s, tv/radio producers etc. You can find here a list of the 25 most influential women of the EDM industry. If anything, this list signifies that there are a lot of female string pullers in the industry.

Unfortunately, in this scene, women also often undergo objectification. They are not acknowledged for their skills, work or effort but for their looks and appeal. This phenomenon is growing due to the fact that some of the women who perform in this scene actually support it as they find it easier to earn money just with their good looks. In addition to that, the fact that many female producers use a ghost producer to write their tracks instead of themselves comes to fulfill the greater “bad” image of female EDM performers.

As saddening this fact might be, no one should be prejudiced towards not accepting any woman in the scene just because of a few, bad examples. Like in any case, it’s better to get to know someone rather than judging based on some false stereotypes. Women have been supporting and are helping the EDM industry to grow and reach new audiences.

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